Aix-Marseille Universitet
Balance sheet total
Total sum of the company's assets, or alternatively the sum of the debt and the equity
The format of the vaccine, for example injectable liquid or powder
Capital expenditures
Equity per share
Equity divided by the number of shares at the end of the period
Fill and finish
The last step in the vaccine manufacturing process
Freeze drying
Also called lyophilization, to dry products based on the physical sublimation principle, which means that water goes directly from solid form to gaseous form under vacuum
Injectable drugs
Cash flow per share
The cash flow divided with the average number of shares during the period
Swedish company the builds production facilities for the pharma industry
Ziccum's patented technology that can air dry vaccines into a temperature-stable powder vaccine
Finely ground powder
Operational expenditures
Employee stock option
The right that in the future buy shares to a predetermined price
Result per share before and after dilution
Result divided by number of shares at the end of the period (dilution effects are not recalculated in the event of a negative result)
Semi-continuous process
Process where new substrate is added at regular intervals and residual product is taken out without being replaced
Part of a company is made into a new independent company
Synthetic options
Option that does not give the right to a share but instead cash compensation
Tech transfer
Moving technology from one organization to another
A security that gives the holder the right to buy a newly issued share at a certain price for a certain period
A drug that is applied topically is given on body surfaces such as skin or mucous membranes
US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
Organisation that is driven by U.S. Department of Commerce
Vaccine platform
Different types of vaccine technologies e.g. mRNA, DNA, live attenuated virus, inactivated virus, viral vectors, adenavirus or protein-based vaccine
When liquid or a solid changes to gaseous form
Freeze drying