Interim Report Q2 2022

Ann gul

From vision to action

It has been a true pleasure to join Ziccum at this intense stage of business-oriented action and help setting a sharper focus for the critical development needs and industrial partnering. The company has a very competent and dedicated team, and with a more precise focus we are taking great strides forward, both in the actual experimental work and in our partnering dialogues, creating value.

During the quarter a key strategic focus on three high potential vaccine platforms was defined. Ziccum is now prioritizing three key, high-potential vaccine platforms: adenovirus vaccine vectors, adjuvanted vaccines and mRNA vaccines using LNP delivery. All three platforms are used in major Covid-19 vaccines, and subject to intense development efforts in the pharmaceutical industry.

Portfolio overview

The Ziccum pipeline of external projects is depicted in a portfolio overview. This gives a general representation of the key steps towards the desired commercialization by entering into license agreements, licensing the LaminarPace technology for specific applications, and the current status of each project. The actual progress in a specific project may proceed via alternative or additional steps, and the timeline varies greatly depending on the resulting read-outs and the counterpart preferences.

Pharmaceutical development in general is subject to very strict confidentiality, and certain collaborations are given without partner name publication, until name disclosure is possible.

The company also pursues earlier dialogues with other counterparts in on-going business development efforts.

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Project portfolio overview as of 30 June, 2022


Ziccum's patented technology LaminarPace dries liquid vaccine into a thermostable powder vaccine. Before it is administered, the vaccine powder is mixed with liquid and can then be injected in exactly the same way as a liquid solution vaccine.

The LaminarPace technology is gentle, drying takes place at room temperature, resulting in powder vaccines becoming thermostable. This means that the vaccine can be transported and stored at room temperature, unlike today's vaccines that require costly, complex logistics with an unbroken freeze or cold chain.


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of a typical vaccine’s carbon footprint comes from its cold chain carbon footprint


of the coverage of HPV vaccines that was achieved in 2019 has been lost. The COVID-19 pandemic fuels the largest setback in childhood vaccinations in three decades.