CEO statement

Following up with a clear road ahead

Gathering the team for a Ziccum Day on March 31, nicely wrapping up the quarter, we could jointly conclude that a lot of major improvements and top priority plans now are in place, and we can spend our efforts more efficiently focusing on execution and delivery in a number of areas.

Positioning Ziccum in a booming field

The sharpened strategy with selected vaccine platforms and the next-generation mRNA vaccines and RNA therapeutics as top priority gives a clear road ahead for the Ziccum efforts. In January we presented Ziccum at the European mRNA Summit in Berlin, alongside world-leading Big Pharma and mRNA vaccine providers, and we felt that this visibility was very rewarding to position the company as an international mRNA player, in addition to our on-going successful relationship building. Our presence at the Berlin Summit and BIO-Europe Spring in Basel enabled good follow-up in existing dialogues as well as new interesting contacts to develop. We are pleased to have a good spread in dialogues, over Big Pharma as well as Biotech, European as well as US companies, and projects on several platforms. A key focus now is to get to signing of paid feasibility studies.

Internal Trials giving clear confirmations for mRNA/LNP

A truly significant milestone was achieved during the quarter, when we were able to confirm excellent drying results with actual messenger RNA in lipid nanoparticle formulation. Previous trials with a model molecule led the way to these trials on mRNA, which is a most demanding challenge in turning liquid biomolecules into dry powder. It is a great confirmation of how the gentle drying at ambient temperature allows such a delicate and complex molecule structure to keep its shape, size and structure. Confirming that the resulting mRNA also retains its genetic effect is of course crucial – and on-going trials in a cell-based model are confirming good activity, viable for commercial applications. These confirmations are indeed fuelling the industry interest for our technology.

Taking LaminarPace to real applicability in industry

Potential partners in the industry are keen to understand the long-term capabilities. Thanks to developing an ambitious plan for our 3D-modelling project LaPaSim last quarter, and the resulting full Eurostars funding awarded, we are able to move straight ahead with important fine-tuning and scaling of the technology. In February we gathered the Swiss and Swedish joint team for a Project kick-off and secured a high quality foundation in the project. Both sides are now generating results in real life versus digitally, to calibrate the model, and final design of the LaminarPace product outtake has started. The next step of scaling out for long term industrialization is not too far away.

We also keep moving forward with the final design of equipment components, like previously reported, with excellent industry partners. There will be new intellectual property generated for Ziccum thanks to these efforts.

Communication and team work

On the Investor relations side, we were pleased to take part as pioneers in the launch of a new European platform for trading and information. We are hoping this will nicely complement other channels for Ziccum information.

During the quarter we also implemented some further refinement in work processes, and it is a pleasure to have the high caliber Ziccum team taking great strides in our projects. I am happy to thank collaboration partners, consultants and owners as well, for continued support and fruitful dialogues.

Lund, April 26, 2023


Ann Gidner, CEO 

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