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Taking amazing strides together, landing two deals for Ziccum

It is truly fantastic to now deliver great results in our key areas, having sorted and structured the company business model and operations during a build-up period. Now we are pleased to enter the next phase, delivering key milestone achievements for our valuable platform technology.  Getting two agreements signed with world-leading players is indeed clear confirmation that we are on the right path.

Proving the technology for the most delicate targets

Our most significant technical milestone so far was achieved end of first quarter, confirming that we can turn mRNA in lipid nanoparticles (mRNA/LNP) into stable dry powder, with maintained activity. These results have been further validated during this quarter. We have tested various lipid compositions with resulting good mRNA activity, to build our proprietary knowledge further in this exciting field.

mRNA/LNP is a complex and very fragile structure, but so valuable for new pharmaceutical development that it is highly desirable for the industry to apply it – it opens the door to a completely new field of innovative drugs. Solving the issues of mRNA drug delivery and LNP stability will be key to making it a broad platform for new patient treatments. So we are indeed excited to have proven the ability to address this: Ziccum can help make mRNA/LNP available for many more vaccines and therapeutics, globally. Of course, one can also see the great potential to work on other vaccine platforms, as well as the broad range of other biopharmaceutical compounds.

Securing more Ziccum Intellectual property, broadly

Thanks to successful continued technology development and learnings in our internal programs, regarding both equipment configuration, process parameters when running LaminarPace and continuous learning regarding formulation, we have been able to file three new patent applications. It was a significant effort during the quarter to assess all new learnings and apply for patent protection. Also, after the filings announced in April, continued work is on-going to secure the best protection possible for our technology. 

Signing up with a world leader in mRNA/LNP

Our progress is generating very good industry interest for the possibilities of our technology, and we are pursuing numerous dialogues with high calibre industry players, across the industry and in many geographies. It was with great pleasure we could communicate on May 9th that one first paid Feasibility study is agreed and signed. It is a very significant commercial milestone of course, for Ziccum to become revenue generating as of now. The project is running at full activity currently, and it is fantastic to work closely with such a successful and knowledgeable partner. 

Just after the quarter closing, we could add a second, larger project collaboration being signed – now with a major global Pharmaceutical company. This time, the scope is both a paid Feasibility study with partner mRNA/LNP material, and a planned extension for stability testing and an option to license the LaminarPace technology.

Not only are these projects generating revenue and extending our financial runway, but also generating further knowledge and understanding of success factors for the mRNA field, and long term, giving business potential for future licensing if successful. We are delighted to collaborate with these leading players in the field.

Building the Ziccum operation and team

In parallel with the partnered projects, we pursue the internal development like mentioned, as well as the 3D-modelling project LaPaSim. The Swiss-Swedish team is working on component design and planning for the next step of scaling out for long term industrialization.

Seeing the increase in activities and projects, there are certainly investment and expansion considerations in the company – but at the same time, I am keen to keep good cost control. Both generating new results and income, while still reducing unnecessary spending, is a nice combination for sound company progress and financials.

One recruitment just completed, and adding financial competence, is the hiring of an experienced CFO from the Biotech industry: I am delighted to welcome Johny Humaloja to the team! Furthermore, we are looking for an experienced Chief Operating Officer, to complement the Ziccum staff.

We have an exciting outlook, going forward with our collaborations and plans! Let me thank all collaboration partners and owners as well, for your continued support and engaged dialogues.

Lund, July 18, 2023

Ann Gidner, CEO 

Latest updated: 7/17/2023 1:33:02 PM by Johny Humaloja