1 JANUARY - 30 JUNE 2023 

Q2 2023
  • The result for the quarter amounted to -4 965 kSEK (-7 882 kSEK)
  • Cash flow for the quarter amounted to - 4 440 kSEK (-7 587 kSEK)
  • Cash and cash equivalents at the end of the quarter amounted to  14 583 kSEK (36 647 kSEK)

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Summary Financial Highlights
Net revenue 1,776 0 2,414 0 0
Operating result -5,060 -7,873 -9,995 -14,213 -28,955
Result for the period -4,965 -7,882 -9,837 -14,167 -28,788
Balance sheet total 24,635 51,100 24,635 51,100 33,285
Cash flow for the period -4,440 -7,587 -8,368 24,374 10,678
Cash and cash equivalents 14,583 36,647 14,583 36,647 22,951
Equity ratio % 80% 86% 80% 86% 88%
Data per share
Number of shares at the end of the period 13,806,142 13,806,142 13,806,142 13,806,142 13,806,142
Result per share before and after dilution* -0.36 -0.57 -0.71 -1.03 -2.09
Cash flow per share -0.32 -0.55 -0.61 1.85 0.78
Equity per share 1.43 3.17 1.43 3.17 2.12

* Dilution effects is not calculated when the result is negative



Significant events


  • On May 9, Ziccum announced that it had signed a revenue generating Evaluation Agreement with a leading biopharma company to commence a Feasibility study regarding LaminarPace for ambient drying of mRNA/LNP materials and/or mRNA vaccine(s).
  • The Annual General Meeting (AGM) held on May 24, 2023 re-elected Fredrik Sjövall, Mikaela Bruhammar and Andreas Pettersson Rohman and elected Per Gerde as new board member. Fredrik Sjövall was re-elected as the chairman of the Board of Directors. The AGM adopted an incentive program (LTI2023:1) of 324 000 employee stock options for certain employees and consultants. The LTI2023:1 program will be awarded during quarter three 2023. The AGM furthermore resolved on an issue of not more than 425 801 warrants to ensure delivery of shares to the participants and to hedge costs connected to the program.
  • On June 2, the company announced that Johny Humaloja was appointed as new CFO for the company, and he started his assignment in June.
  • On June 5, the company announced that it had received a notification from CEPI (the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness), that its joint Expression of Interest has not been selected for the next stage of application work. 

Other events

  • On May 2,  the company announced it had filed three patent applications as part of new, expanded strategy to strengthen patent protection. The new, expanded IP strategy will provide multi-layered protection to the company’s unique drying technology LaminarPace, turning liquid biopharmaceuticals into thermostable dry powders by mass transfer.

Significant events after the second quarter

  • On July 17, Ziccum announced it had signed a new Evaluation Agreement with one of the world’s top pharmaceutical corporations. The agreement is to perform a funded Feasibility study aiming to develop thermostable dry powder formulations in the partner mRNA/LNP projects, with a planned extension for stability testing and an option to license the LaminarPace technology.




Significant events


  • On January 18, Ziccum announced that the company on 24 - 26 January would attend the mRNA-based Therapeutics Summit in Berlin, the leading European event for mRNA innovation expertise in Europe. At the event, CEO Ann Gidner presented LaminarPace with a presentation titled LaminarPace: a novel unit operation successfully drying mRNA/LNP by mass transfer to an audience of senior Pharmaceutical industry decision makers, scientists and key opinion leaders.
  • On January 23, Ziccum announced that the company had submitted its Expression of Interest application for CEPI’s Call for Proposals for funding of innovations that improve vaccine thermostability. The Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness (CEPI), in 2022 invited players developing innovative technologies to improve vaccine thermostability to apply for a funding opportunity.
  • On March 10, Ziccum entered into a partnership with the FinTech platform, aiming to offer existing shareholders a new forum for news and dialogue whilst also increasing visibility to new investors beyond Sweden. A new portal dedicated to Ziccum was launched on the platform, containing new content on the company, reports and financials to be regularly updated, plus a secure chat forum for investors, to strengthen the resources and dialogue Ziccum offers to investors.
  • On March 17, Ziccum announced that the company on 20 - 22 March would attend the BIO-Europe Spring 2023 Conference in Basel, Switzerland. The event attracts pharma and biopharma corporations from across the globe. The latest updates from Ziccum technology development were presented at meetings at the event.
  • On March 20, Ziccum announced an update of the latest stage of its ongoing in-house mRNA/LNP project, last reported in Oct, 2022. In the previous stage, an mRNA-like molecule in LNP formulation was successfully nebulized and dried. The current stage has proceeded to nebulization and drying using active mRNA. Results from this stage confirm and strengthen findings from the previous stage: encapsulation efficiency (how much mRNA is kept inside the particles) and particle size preservation (keeping the right size of LNP particles, without aggregation) were excellent. Furthermore, mRNA activity testing has now been initiated, using a cell-based in vitro assay. Initial results are promising, with a commercially viable level of mRNA activity demonstrated in the material, after LaminarPace drying and reconstitution to liquid. Ziccum’s inhouse mRNA project aims to explore and evaluate the capabilities of its unique mass transfer drying technology, LaminarPace, in drying RNA materials to a thermostable dry powder form that could ultimately be more easily handled and transported by the industry, as well as prove suitable for novel administration routes such as inhalation.
  • During the first quarter CEO Ann Gidner bought 16,000 shares in Ziccum.
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