Significant risks and uncertainties in brief

Ziccum's significant risk and uncertainty factors include business-related risks as well as risks related to market and technology development, patents, competitors and future financing.

The company's value is largely dependent on the success of the company's development projects and the ability to enter into partnerships, and that LaminarPace receives broad market acceptance. Ziccum is in the commercialization phase and there is a risk that the company will not reach sufficient profitability. 

As the company is in growth stage and working to achieve a positive cash flow, the company needs access to capital before its cash flow becomes positive.

It is the company's assessment that the company has the required financing for longer than 12 months. The company will have a reduction of fixed costs compared to last year, and the Eurostars grant will also have an additional positive effect on the cash flow.

In light of the outbreak of the coronavirus and COVID-19, Ziccum is closely monitoring the development of events and taking measures to minimize or eliminate the impact on the company's operations. Ziccum follows guidelines from the Swedish Public Health Agency. Ziccum has been able to continue its internal operations without significant impact from COVID-19.

The conflict in Ukraine has not affected the development of the company's operations, position or results.


Latest updated: 1/25/2023 10:43:15 AM by Frida Hjelmberg